Real Estate Photography FAQs

What areas do you service?

Any commercial or real estate in Atlanta, Georgia, within the perimeter. Other areas are considered, but there is an additional $50 travel fee for areas outside of the Atlanta perimeter.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact me at or 770-363-4665. Further details can be found on the Appointments page.

What is included in the real estate photography service fee?

Details are provided on the Services page.

What types of payment are accepted for the real estate photography service?

I accept checks and PayPal payments. Payment is expected at the time of service.

How many photos do you take of the property?

Over 100 photographs are taken during the on-site photo shoot (depending on the size and type of property). Photos are reviewed to determine the best shots. Typically 20-25 final images (fully edited and corrected) are included in the gallery site.

How much time is needed for the photo shoot of the property?

A photo shoot usually lasts 45 minutes. A follow-up visit to re-shoot the exterior of the property may be required if the lighting during the first visit is not optimal. The 45 minute timeframe assumes that the property interior is cleared of clutter and adequately staged.

Do you stage the property before the photo shoot?

The real estate photography shoot does not include a full staging service. I will, however, work with you to do minimal room arrangement in order to get the best shot. If you are in need of a professional staging company, I can provide recommendations.

When are the final pictures ready?

A link to the gallery site with the 20-25 edited and corrected photos is provided within 24 hours of completing the photo shoot.

What size are final photos?

The online gallery will include the full resolution images (10MP or approximately 3892x2586 resolution). Images can be downloaded from the gallery in a zip file. I will also provide you with a zip file of 15 images in a smaller size, optimized for posting on MLS and

Are the real estate images labeled?

Yes. The online gallery includes captions for the images. These captions are included in the file name of the image.

Will you make changes to the real estate photos if I am not satisfied?

Yes. After you receive the 20-25 edited and corrected images, let me know if you have any requests for changing the captions, or if you'd like to add, remove, or change the display order of particular photos.

How can I use the final real estate photos that are provided to me?

The photos from the real estate photo shoot can be used for brochures, flyers, posting to real estate listing services, or posting to other websites. JWrightStudio retains the right to use any of the photos as part of a professional portfolio.

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